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Twentieth Group: Two-X
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They haven't had a comeback since 2013, they have been through a company change and a loss of a member. But never fear they are said to be coming back soon!
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Members: (4, formerly 5)
Name: Im Chang Sook
Stage Name: JiU
She is the Leader and a vocalist.
She was born in 1989.
Name: Choi Eun Mi
Stage Name: Eun
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1990.
Name: Kim Su Rin
Stage Name: Surin
She is a vocalist.
She was born in 1991.
Name: Ju Eun Young
Stage Name: Eunyoung
She is the Maknae and a rapper.
She was born in 1992.
Former Members:
Kwak Min Joo (Minjoo) - She was the main rapper.
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