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Yoongie and I have been best friends since high school. It all started when my family moved to Seoul my first day was scary I knew some Korean so I wasn't worried about that it was the culture shock I was scared of. Getting my schedule from the office I made my to my home room B-3. I finally found the room but I was late I hate being late knocking on the door I waited for the teacher to open it. The teacher just looked at me and introduce myself to her. She nodded finally realizing that I was going to be her new student. She opened the door wider letting me pass through and she introduced me to the class all giving me a warm welcome. "Okay Leanne I will sit you next to Min Yoongi he is the one who is asleep in my class" the teacher spoke and the yelled at the end waking up Yoongi. I bowed to her and made my way to the middle of the room. Taking my sit next to Yoongi he turned and smile at me "Welcome to Seoul high school" he said in a deep voice. After that the rest was history.
Getting to know Yoongi better made me realize how he was actually super cute and sweet I started to have a crush on him it lasted through the first two years of high school. I would get embarrassed easily by him and he would always hold my hand or hug me to do it. Our other friends thought it was even funnier to embarrass us both and tease us about liking each other which Yoongi always strongly disagreed. Saying how I was just like his sister. Of course it hurt but I tried to move on but nothing worked the more time I spent with him the more I liked him.
Year three everything change he stopped talking to just me and even started dating a girl from second year. I was heartbroken I didn't understand why he was ignoring me all of a sudden but would talk to the rest of the boys. Why just me and then he made me his enemy when he started bullying me in front of the whole school. Only Hoseok and Taehyung would talk to me after that.
Third year also brought me a new friend Namjoon he was so sweet to me and never believed any of the rumors about me. We would walk home together and have lunch on the roof. We were inseparable.
Namjoon and I went to the same college and I dated other guys all throughout but I never forgot about Yoongi. Taehyung would message me telling me about what everyone was up to and how Yoongi was doing. One day Jimin invited me out with the guys to catch up we were all on our last year of school and I was looking forward to being a marine biologist. Meeting up at a bar was not the best idea but it change my life forever as I got to see Yoongi again and old feelings came bubbling back. We both got super drunk and slept together but it opened a door to my forever love. We got married three years later.
Four years after the wedding I got pregnant and had an amazing home birth to a beautiful baby girl. Yoongi wanted to name her Min Gihwan which I loved.
We had a baby boy three years after Gihwan and I got to name him Album he was perfect he looked just like Yoongi.
I'm sorry haha
Awwww love the story you put with it :) I may end up editing mine and adding a story later but with the stress of graduation looming I couldn't think of anything.
@SerenityThao oh yes I got Yoongi on pretty much all of them. He kind of has ruined my life now after the fire MV I was like damn Suga. Haha
I hoped you liked the game 😄