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POSSIBLE SPOILERS❗️❗️❗️❗️❌❌❌❌ The Fate franchise is indeed a bit messy and complicated when it comes to the chronology of the various series. But alright, I'll try to make it as short as possible: Start with the Fate/Zero TV series and then move on to its second season, which is somewhat confusingly called Fate/Zero (2012) at times. After Fate/Zero, the Fate franchise then basically splits into THREE separate, alternate universes. This is because the Fate narrative is originally based on a PC game, which offered the player a number of different choices, leading to very different plots and outcomes. Alternate universe #1) Fate/StayNight (TV) (2006) Alternate universe #2) FSN: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) (2014) plus its second season. Alternate universe #3) FSN: Heaven's Feel (Movie) (----) All three of them are canon, and each can generally be enjoyed nicely without having seen the other alternatives. In case you just want to watch the most popular one (and the one with the best production values), it's safe to go straight for universe #2, i.e. the UBW TV series. That said, each of them does provide its own cool story as well as certain unique tidbits of background information that you won't get in the other versions - so if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the big picture behind the main narrative, you may want to watch them all. If you want even more... well. To make things a bit more confusing for people, they also made the Fate/StayNight Unlimited Blade Works movie(!), which is a different retelling of the events in the UBW TV series. And last but not least, there's the two-part 2010 Fate/StayNight OVA, which is a brief summary of the 2006 TV series. ...aaaand that's everything Fate, right there. There's also a graph available, but I#m not sure how helpful it is for someone who hasn't seen any of the shows, yet. And for the sake of completeness... About the *other* titles in the "Nasuverse": Shingetsutan Tsukihime and the seven/nine Kara no Kyoukai movies are all set in the same universe as Fate, but they tell (almost) completely separate stories with different protagonists, at different locations. The Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya line of TV series and OVAs is set in a fully separate universe to Fate/Tsukihime/KnK. It originally started out as a mere magical-girl comedy parody of the Nasuverse... but soon evolved into something quite epic and impressive in its own right. Finally, Carnival Phantasm is an awesome anthology / all-out parody of the Nasuverse made by the creators themselves. My recommendation would be to watch this last for full effect... because then you will know all the characters. Written 17 Sep 2015 • Source- Pretty sweet read it's from a fan it sounds but I like the insight and background info!!
good choice!
k thank for the clarification
@SantaraJones nahh they are both different kinda worlds but from what I've seen you can watch em either way but fate stay night is supposed to be the "sequel"
@SantaraJones no prob NAKAMA!!
someone told me it was fate/stay night then fate/zero