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HISTORY Cut on The Heart of K-Wave
I'd say this was the most awkward interview in the 3 years of HISTORY LOL But there was some of my fave moments below!
P.S. Yijeong wasn't present I'm not sure if they gave the reason and if they did...well I wouldnt know since I can't speak Korean or Chinese lol
-HISTORY cooly dancing to Queen
-Dokyun singing a part of his solo track.
-Being cute
-Jaeho's funny imitation (idk what it was lol)
-The hip thrusting & KY looking embarrassed so he dances with Sihyoung
-MC tryin to do the dance
-Sihyoung's beautiful face
-Sihyoung amusing himself by copying the MC's hand gestures
-Close-up of Kyungil's face
-Jaeho dancing to 24 Hours again!
-Dokyun close-up
-Kyungil being cute
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