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A lot of Kpop companies buy their songs from foreign artists and turn them into hits in Korea.

Here are 5 examples of songs in other languages!

Phrased Differently vs f(x)'s

"Red Light"

Kristine Elejaz vs f(x)'s


Monrose vs f(x)'s

Hot Summer

Ke$ha vs SNSD's

Run Devil Run

Violetta 3 vs INFINITE's

Come Back Again

I think the Ke$ha one is my favorite!

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Girls Generation also did Dancing Queen. That one is by Duffy.
run devil run is a definite fave. I adore Kesha and I absolutely love SNSD. The way SNSD made run devil run was absolutely breath taking.
I maybe wrong but Come Back Again was Infinite's first. That show also had their "version" of SHINee's Dream Girl
so was no more by fx and Ariana grande's boyfriend. I love both, but I like no more a little than boyfriend material