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Since @moonchild03 wanted to murder everyone with a glimpse of Yoongi's precious tummy.... I had to see more! And if Ima die I wanted to take a few ppl with me 馃榿 So are you ready?!
Should I show you?... There wasn't a lot mind you. This lil Suga Bear likes to keep his milky tum tum under wraps!
So let's start off nice and slow, so you can prepare your heartus.
Raise the bar just a bit, like I said Ima ease you into it.
Now are you ready? I'm warning you up next is as close to shirtless as you can find! And full on nip slips!! 馃槇馃榿
I did warn you.....
Now Yoongi!!!! 馃槺 What do you have to say for self?!!! Killing all those poor defenseless ARMYS!!
That's right!!!! Think about your actions mister!! 馃槨
Don't do it!!! 馃槶馃槶馃槶
OK.... I guess I'll let it slide those time.... Who can resist you?
Well that all I could find... I hope I didn't kill you all TOO much.. 馃榿 and remember!...
I'm sorry I didn't listen to the warnings!!! too distracted...I wasn't ready I should've listened akdbjxjsbIzbjz馃槺馃槺馃槺
@JaxomB I used to have Jin as my phone BG with his shirt raised up ^///^ it was too much I had to change it
OK ^o^
I haven't!! 馃槺 but I'm at work so I can't die just yet..
haha馃榿 I made a yoongi skin compilation a while back too. idk if you saw it or not?
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