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A deal is a deal. No matter what happens, even if its nobody's purpose and they don't want to be involved. One wrong move or deception that has been stumbled upon, then flesh will be served in the grinder. Literally. That's the motive in this acclaimed horror thriller just released a few weeks ago, and instead of the jump scares or ghosts, this one shows the entrapment of getting screwed over no matter how you managed to fight your way out to escape. So, here's what I've learned.
Something terrible Road trips to live gigs and having to spend time in a dirty room can be exhausting and sickening. The worst part is having to deal with a hostile audience if you decide to do something stupid like play a song that is offensive. In this case for guys and one girl of The Ain't Rights, their demise is cycled by where they travel until they reach the workhouse, which is run by white supremacists and eventually leads them to the inevitable green room. The foreshadowing of the color green is shown in the beginning with the corn fields, the trees of the Northwest, and even Tiger's hair and the deal the band makes for going to the workhouse to perform. No matter how much you need to make a living for yourself, you need to take risks, even if it sounds fishy. And even, putting your life or limb on the line.
Play pretend to win The band members and Amber witness a murder in the green room and are trapped by Darcy and his squad of maniacal skinheads. Like most newbies in horror movies, they decide to fight they're way out. Blindly without a plan, and to no success. The end result is bloody and frightening. Later as Darcy and his men make preparations to clean the evidence left behind at the gig and make another attempt to kill the remaining survivors, Pat reflects on a memory of him and his friends playing paintball with a bunch of military experts. It's similar to how they went through before, but when the round was about to finish, Pat and his friends went crazy "jackass" style against the other team and managed to win. Amber then suggests why not do the same thing to escape. As disturbing as it may sound, playing pretend is an alternative way to get by an obstacle in life. Being different in certain situations can help give you temporary access to evolve or getting past something you're not familiar with at all.
Desert island band The famous question of all is who/what would you bring if you were trapped on a desert island? Who cares, as Reece and Amber would say. But what if you couldn't live without something or someone? The band talks about their favorite bands they would bring in the first ten minutes of the film, and later knowing they cannot leave the green room unless someone with authority and brains has a bargain. But occasionally no one will agree with your choices. You just have to pick and go with it. If you know how to protect your choice and actually care about it, you must keep it until the very end. So what did you think of Green Room? What were some things you found interesting?