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I found an interesting vlogger today who shared how she got started learning Korean.

It isn't ground-breaking stuff, but its always good to hear another person's point of view!

The steps to starting:

1. Learn the Alphabet 2. Start READING! (Lyrics, books, newspapers, etc!) 3. Stop looking at romanization (learn the alphabet and PRACTICE IT) 4. Try picking up basic vocab 5. Start learning basic grammar! 6. Watch TV shows (like Running Man) to help listening practice!

How have you guys started studying Korean?!

i started out by writing song lyrics, like hangeul - romaji - english like i made a notebook for it. like for exo's mama: 돌이키고 싶다면 - dorikigo sipdamyeon - but if you want to turn it back it helped me learn hangeul and some of the meanings of the words now i can fluently read hangeul and understand some things listening to songs/watching tv shows
I need to get out of the habit of reading the romanized version but I mostly need them to learn songs faster 😭
I started with the Pimsleur cds off and on years ago. I got serious about it this time, and I use them, as well as the egg bun, pop popping Korean pronunciation, and annyeong apps. Also, music.
I learned the alphabet and the whole reading part in just 30 minutes. and I've just been watching korean dramas to help me pick up on basic grammar and vocabulary. along with listening skills. When I went to kcon last year everyone said I sounded like a fluent person. but I still have much to learn
I started with the alphabet, both learning the symbols and their pronounciation as well as writing them. From there I have been slowly picking up the vocabulary. I can read better than speak, but doesn't mean I understand all I read. Still working on it.
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