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I found an interesting vlogger today who shared how she got started learning Korean.

It isn't ground-breaking stuff, but its always good to hear another person's point of view!

The steps to starting:

1. Learn the Alphabet 2. Start READING! (Lyrics, books, newspapers, etc!) 3. Stop looking at romanization (learn the alphabet and PRACTICE IT) 4. Try picking up basic vocab 5. Start learning basic grammar! 6. Watch TV shows (like Running Man) to help listening practice!

How have you guys started studying Korean?!

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The most important word of the sentence is at the end, @msutiyono.
I watched this and she helped me alot when I watched about a year ago. she gave me lots of good ways to learn and I still use some of them
I've started from Hangul! To learn how to write faster I've exercised on my keyboard!
@Ikpoper I've also started from hangul!!!
@takenbykpop that's the best way of starting! Once you learn how to read & write, it'll be easier learning the basic.