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I remember when Facebook first came out, the only people I followed were some high school friends, some hometown friends, and a couple cousins.
Now it's more like:


Old co-worker!

Baby picture!

Even more clickbait!

A Kardashian's bare behind!

How has YOUR favorite social media changed over the past few years? Does anyone else on here know this feel?
that's why I don't use Facebook anymore
I sincerely liked Facebook because I get to know what my classmates and family members are up to these days, now all I see is baby pictures EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! It's so annoying! Some of the baby pictures I want to block but others I can't block because they're "family" well they're not family to me! Kydlvudkyssljs!!!
@danidee yes... after trying to bear with it.
@MaggieHolm Yeah, sometimes I'm like UGH FACEBOOK. Other times, I'm glad it's been able to help me keep in touch with friends from high school and middle school. I hopped around a lot growing up, so it definitely would've been harder to keep in touch with everyone back in the day.
@TerrecaRiley LOL You'd be like "Bye, Vingle."
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