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I was going to start this by saying that when I was a kid, I was a huge fan of ice cream trucks. But that's like telling someone you 'like music' or 'enjoy breathing air sometimes'. Chances are that most (if not all) of you liked getting ice cream from the ice cream man too!
However, not all the ice cream bars you can buy from that truck are created equal. Yes, sometimes the ice cream man turns its back on it, and the adorable, decorative ice cream treat we think we're about to enjoy only gives us a depressing 50%.

Here are some of those ice creams.

This looks... like a bear? Kind of..?

And, oh man. Tweety's seen some better days.

Well, this one is officially a disaster.

It's time to put this poor dog down.

It's the ice cream equivalent of Guy Fieri's hair.

This ice cream bar's obviously seen some shit.

It seems like this bear's getting the last laugh.

This is like when I try to do a Pinterest DIY tutorial.

NOOOOOO, DORA!!!!! POR QUE?!?!?!?!

So which one of these ice creams do you think is the most EPIC of the ice cream truck fails?

Personally, I know I'll be seeing that messed up Sponge Bob in my nightmares.
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well, for me, the ice cream I buy is not shaped like anything
@TerrecaRiley I usually just buy a carton.
@danidee I'm getting there, but I wonder if my freezer could handle it... hhmmmm. well, I could move some things around
@TerrecaRiley Bahaha, there's always room for ice cream!
@danidee yyaaassss!