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This is pretty much every single birthday and Christmas with my relatives. I know we're supposed to be grateful and everything, but if you gift me a bedazzled pink sweater, you hardly know me.

Do you have family members that try to dress you? Maybe friends that couldn't be more off from whatever your personal style is? CONFESS!
@danidee I don't remember but I know it happens often
my gran gives me gloves and boggin each time before it gets really cold. however it was weird she didnt and it wasny cold. my mom gives me sleep pants every year. its her thing.
nooo don't burn the dress give it me.......or charity either way
my grandparents give me a women's a silk sweatshirt and women's sweat pants almost every christmas, they make a fine addition to charity haha they try to get me to try them on but "I'm too lazy to get up."
Lol, yes!馃槃
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