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This leaves off right from the first season of Fate/Zero and is anything but a letdown!! It has so much suspense and thriller as well as some dramatic sad moments that were tearjerkers for sure!! Watch season 1 and def follow strait up to season 2 since it's literally a continuation right off the bat!! Rated: 8:76/10 My Rating: 9/10 Synopsis- The battle for the Holy Grail continues, with more lives lost and more secrets revealed. When the curtain falls, who will emerge victorious is anyone's guess... And what "victorious" truly means, is even more questionable. (Source: ANN) As said its a continuation of Season 1 so not a lot of insight into it but basically the finals of season 1. A fantastic anime I say though. Some may or may not like parts or the ending or such but I enjoyed it all through and can't wait to start Fate/Stay Night which is kinda a parallel to this anime. Add it to the list NAKAMA!! Well it's prob bedtime for me bc I know if I start the 24 episodes of fate/stay night I won't sleep and binge it all haha so I'll save it for tomorrow and as one of my weekend binges😜 Anime is life!!
@PASCUASIO fate zero s1 then s2 then fate stay night follows even though it's kinda a different storyline it's the sequel to this!!
what's the order to this anime? I want to watch it but I don't know where to start.