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No no no, not American Idol! I'm talking about idols born and raised in the USA!

Here's a list of a few (you might be surprised!)

Amber Liu (f(x)), born in California

Aron Kwak (NUEST), born in California

Eli Kim (U-Kiss), born in Washington DC

Jay Park, born in Washington

Jessica (SNSD) and Krystal Jung (fx), born in California

Kevin Woo (U-Kiss), born California

Nicole Jung (KARA), born in California

Nichkhun Horvejkul (2PM), born in California

Tiffany Hwang (SNSD), born in California

Mina Myoui (Twice), born in Texas

Mark Tuan (GOT7), born in California

Jae (DAY6), born in Argentina but raised in California

Eric Nam, born in Georgia

Who did I miss? Who is your favorite American idol? ;D

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peniel btob
OK these are idols I know of that you didn't list(some have already been mentioned in comments above): •24K Cory(born in South Korea but grew up in the states) •1Punch Samuel(disbanded, was going to debut w/ Seventeen) •B.I.G Benji(Born in Indianapolis,Indiana USA but lived in Bothell, Washington) BTL Jay Kim(hometown LA but grew up in many other places) •High4 Alex(New York) •JJCC Eddy (LA) •Lucky J Jessi(New York) •NCT Johnny(Chicago) •Royal Pirates James(I couldn't find where he was from)
My friends and I are planning on becoming kpop idols, im not even Asian 😅😅 and I know it's a big dream but me and my friends are willing to work hard, learn korean and become the idols we want to be 💕💕✊🌟
That's so awesome!! I didn't know that there were so many kpop idols who were born in America!! I wish I had gotten the chance to have met them when they lived here and weren't kpop idols, but none of them are from the state that I live in and they're all much older than I am so that's not even close to possible cx
Why am I not surprised that most of them are born in California lol