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(spoilers) If anyone remembered this episode, it was heart touchingly EPIC!! ;∆; The way the animation is put like that is just beautiful! ;-;
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@DevilsSon so sad, bruh ;-;
I cried allot after his death
This was so heartwarming like if I was able to see my brother after the decade he has been gone!!😭 he was like Ace for me too always looking out for me even when he wasn't around!!
not going to lie I cried when he died and if you would've put a gif of him dying I would've laughed on the inside xD
@AustinKraenzel Dude wtf lolz xD I would so totally want to give you a link to this One Piece crack compilation thingy where almost everyone complains about in the comments and I don't know if I should laugh or get mad about it xD