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penalized for visiting Taiwan with an improper visa for the filming of his Chinese variety show 'Off to School'. On May 3, it was reported that Luhan has officially been banned from entering Taiwan for the next 5 years with a tourist visa, and for 2 years with a work visa. This means that for the next 5 years Luhan cannot visit Taiwan for any personal reasons, but is allowed to visit after 2 years only for business-related schedules. Along with Luhan, 8 of the cast members and 10 of the crew members of 'Off the School' have also been penalized for visiting Taiwan with a tourist visa. After the news spread, the variety show immediately stopped their shooting and apologized for their mistake. It looks like Taiwanese fans will be missing Luhan dearly for the next 2 years. Credit to
Well. I guess that's that two years will go by quick. (I know it's in my EXO collections but hey who cares.) My Eternal Kpop Fam: @RochelleRose @UKissMeKevin @EmilyPeacock @Winx9119 @Evieevelyn
@NydiaEdwards Luhan was filming a show, but in Taiwan, you have to have an entertainers visa (like having a work visa in the states) but instead used a tourist visa for them to film.
Wait what happend??!!!
Well Dang Luhan
Omg LuHan what were you thinking !!!😱
Well if Luhan wasn't banned I would go visit just so that I could see the filming sites. This seems like a stupid law... No offense to any Taiwan fans
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