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How Cotton Candy Is Made

Every year, more than 900 million clouds are hunted, harvested, and sold as cotton candy at regional festivals and fairs.

Stop the violence. Order the funnel cake.

Funnel cake is a food that's being abused. If there's not enough powdered sugar, the body is thrown away. Please make sure that your funnel cake has plenty of sugar this season. Always ice and powder your cakes. #Morepowderedsugarplease #Wheresthepowderedsugar?
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Lol yes we must stop the slaughter! But what's a funnel cake? That looks like Jalebi or Sacima, a flour batter fried in oil then covered in syrup? or dust in icing sugar in this case?
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stop eating cotton candy. it's the right thing to do...
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@YumiMiyazaki I am grateful for your knowledges.
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