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What do you mean you've got a dog? Great. Now I'm going to have to give it pets for the next 4 hours and pretend that none of the rest of you exist.

Actually, a lot of my friends are like this too, which means my dachshund gets all the tummy scratches whenever I invite people over. She's a spoiled pup, that weinerdog.
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@MasonBurt Lol but you also mean "MY PUPPY IS BETTER THAN YOU."
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee Lol what? Aw, don't say that.
2 years ago·Reply
@YumiMiyazaki How can we compete with dachshunds?! :'(
2 years ago·Reply
Oh my gosh, that's right!! They're too cute to compete with!
2 years ago·Reply
@YumiMiyazaki Especially mine. :')
2 years ago·Reply