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I don't have a bias in Twice. It's really hard to choose a favorite in this girl group since everyone is talented and beautiful in their own way. However, I can't help but have a big girl crush on Sana. Particularly, her hair.
When Twice first debuted last year Sana's pastel pink hair was my eye candy. The colors are vibrant but not too bright and her soft waves looks extremely gorgeous.
As the group continued with their Ooh-Ah promotion she was seen wearing a braided pigtail. Little curls at then end of the ponytail gave the hairstyle some flair.
Here she looks like a princess with the flower crown.
This is the only time I find two ponytails fashionable. Most of the time it reminds me of grade school.
She even rocks the side braided ponytail gracefully.
nyc hair style
Sana is my girl group bias! 馃槏
@HairConfetti Thank You ! I love love love that hair color!
@nerdykeira I know a lot of agree nayeon is the cutest but Sana is just full of aegyo naturally. She really shines in this comeback. Also, Her "sha sha sha" is apparently a trend now. lol
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