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If there's one good thing even naysayers can say about presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, it's that he's proven - even at 74 year-olds - you're never too old for the campaign trail.

And last Saturday, high school senior and Sanders supporter Chloe Raynaud proved you're never too old to go to prom either - by bringing a particularly tall, dark, and handsome cardboard stand-up of the Vermont senator to her class prom.
In an interview with Revelist, Chloe mentions the stress of playing the prom date waiting game and how she was able to take charge by giving her favorite candidate the good old-fashioned 'promposal':

"I hadn't gotten asked yet, and prom was approaching quickly, so I was thinking about who would make a good prom date. I really identify with Bernie's political standpoint so I just went for it!"

And, I mean, who could blame her? If you saw Bernie dance on Ellen last year, you'd probably want him as a prom date too.

Chloe bought him his own corsage and even boasted some very Bernie footwear. Who said you couldn't wear socks and sandals to prom?

Allegedly, her friends and fellow classmates were also 'feeling the Bern' too, especially when it became time to show off some moves on the dance floor.

"During the slow dance, I brought him out to dance with him, and everyone started laughing. Then my friends made him crowd surf."

Looking back, Chloe insists she has absolutely no regrets and encourages others to consider a celebrity cardboard prom date themselves!

"I just bought him online. Cheapest date ever!"

Which celebrity (or even presidential candidate!) would you want to take as your prom date?

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