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Hi guys.
I'm Korean user who usually post cards on Vingle 'Korean' K-Pop community.
Every Wednesday, I upload cards
which contain latest GIFs of K-pop stars
(in 2 version = 1. For boys / 2. For girls)
This is a card with latest GIFs of K-Pop girl Idols.
Followings are today's idol and
this list is based on other user's request.
Yura (of Girl's day) / I.O.I / Girl Friend / Lovelyz / Chrystal (of f(x))
MAMAMOO / A.Pink / TaeYeon (of SNSD) / TWICE = 2 Pics
SeolHyeon (of A.O.A) = 10 Pics
(Got the most request from last week's card)

1. Yura [GS&Concert commercial film]

2. TWICE [Interview in Korean Entertainment program]

3. I.O.I [Dream Girsl MV]

4. Girl Friend ['Waves' MV]

5. Lovelyz ['Pong-Dang' performance in 'Music Bank']

6. Chrystal [Etude House Event in China]

7. MAMAMOO [Performance in KBS Program]

8. A Pink [Fan Sign Event, Preview for Korean Gourmet Program]

9. TaeYeon [V Live]

10. Seol-Hyeon (of A.O.A)

[Ellesse Commercial Film / Fan meeting / Channel A.O.A]

I uploaded 10 gifs for Seol-Hyeon
because Seol-Hyeon got the most requests from last week's card
Do you like it??

If there's someone you want to see next week,

comment on following card posted on Korean community

(request in English is okay)