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10 Signs That Will Make You Go "Hmm.."

Walk down any non-specific street, and chances are you'll run into a fair share of signs.

They're literally everywhere, reminding you of rules, offering warnings, maybe even trying to sell you a new pair of shoes.
In a world full of signs like these, it's getting a little hard to make sure your sign stands out. However, whoever made these signs did a pretty good job - whether they intended to or not!

Would these signs turn your head too?

First, here's one alerting you of a pole that wouldn't have to exist if the sign didn't. (Kind of brings it all full circle, right?)

Then there's this one, letting all you worried organic food eaters know that their slicer will un-organic your food. (That heathen!)

I... don't really want to know what happened to cause this one.

Do we really need to remind people of this? Come on, you guys!

I bet this one was caused by the same guy in the condom aisle.

Wait, what?! Just... what?!

Yikes. That's an extremely unfortunate typo.

This one just gives me bad memories of my first time on Space Mountain. (Did anyone else get pulled onto rollercoasters too?)

Just so you know, these peanuts contain peanuts, you guys.

And don't touch the fire. It might be hot.

So which one of these seriously WTF signs was your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below!
I thought what was wrong with the mini dognuts one, was that it was $2.25. That's a little pricey for a small cup of donuts.
The last one cracked me up!! 😂😂😂
the gas pump sign was hilarious to me lol! that's so weird but funny
Space mountain was horrible lol
Oh, definitely the peanuts one!!!