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At Dusit Restaurant then NAIA. T_T While browsing these photos, I just can't stop crying. :(( I can't explain the feeling. I'll surely miss this guy! Hope to see you soon much much closer (with skinship).Thank you for everything! :") MAHAL KA NAMIN! <3 credits to photo owners
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Me too.. Eventhough im not seen him yet. Everytime he left the country he performing i feel so sad.. I dont wNt him to go back in Korea.. Lol
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Hope you will come to Canada someday. You will always be in our hearts. Take care and saranghae Lee Min Ho ssi❤❤❤
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oppa, you're so handsome. love you !
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awww.. very sweet dong seng.. <3
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you will always be in my heart
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