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This idea originally came from @hikaymm's brain so here we go! XD
SOME REASONS YOU SHOULD TRY ACTION ANIME: 1.) They're story-driven and the stories are ALWAYS interesting 2.) Some can be funny or sad 3.) LOTS OF DRAMA AND BLOODSHED 4.) It ties in wih a lot of other genres 5.) IT'S ACTION-PACKED AND FUN TO WATCH!!
Action can tie in with other genres such as romance, sports, superhero, horror, and comedy. Action, or shounen, animes have all these other genres integrated into them to appeal to everyone's likes and/or dislikes. If you don't like some of the other genres listed, that's fine I'm not gonna judge, but at least try one? :3
LIST OF ACTION/SHOUNEN ANIMES YOU MIGHT ENJOY: ・Fullmetal Alchemist ・Gurren Lagann ・Cowboy Bebop ・Dragonball Z ・Blue Exorcist ・Code Geass ・Naruto Shippuden ・Psycho-Pass ・Neon Genesis Evangelion ・K ・Kill La Kill ・Black Lagoon ・Eureka Seven ・Ergo Proxy ・Attack On Titan ・One Punch Man ・Sword Art Online ・Fairy Tail ・Parasyte -The Maxim- ・Hunter x Hunter ・Beyond The Boundary
AHHH HOW did i miss this till now!!! this is so great!! thanks for writing it :D
1 of my favorite genres