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As I impatiently waited for my bus to arrive, I couldn't help but admire this beautiful old couple out the side of my eye. The entire hour we all stood in line waiting for the Greyhound to kindly pick us up, they laughed, they smiled, they bickered and they reminisced, I immediately thought to myself, 'I want that someday'. The idea of loving someone is beautiful, but the idea of loving someone and growing old with them in the process is even more beautiful. They say we can't pick who we love, but in a sense we can.
As I watched them interact with one another, my mind took me to places I had never been before. I was curious as to where they met and how long they had been married. I scanned her hand to see her wedding ring and it was gorgeous. No couple is perfect and I can imagine they've been through their own fair share of drama, but just the fact that they will still holding on strong is what mattered most at the end of the day. I couldn't help, but constantly think how I want to someday have the pleasure of growing with someone. Standing in a line for an hour or more, laughing, smiling and bickering -- but most of all, loving one another.

Have you ever experienced two strangers in love and couldn't help but stare?

but of course @jordanhamilton
@jordanhamilton only cases I like are bacon cases
As one gets older...One is more wiser and more mature than gets better...The weight on your shoulders gets lighter and to share that with someone as your life partner is precious...yes one will see that in t elderly...its captivating...yes we ponder..admire at t same time...their life well spent/lived....yes We will all get old but getting old with someone is a bonus in life...thats something we can learn from seeing elderly couples....
@jordanhamilton lol it is but they are all divorced
I worked at a retirement home as a server, and they were irritating, but some were actually nice to talk to. More importantly, the wisdom and care they end up giving you.
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