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Someone told me to write about myself I was born in seoul, South Korea. I was the daughter of my father Kim Soo Yeon and my mother Carmen. I was a Hispanic and Korean baby mixed having my Carmel skin and my long squinty eyes (Korean eyes). when I was growing up my first language was korean. I was close to my dad. One day my dad died and I found out it was from a cancer a couple stages late. when he died I felt I lost something in my heart...i went through depression before I was even an teenager. Mom took me to America leaving behind memories to start new ones. I didn't like it. I already missed the cherry blossoms and the beautiful lights at night and the food and decoration I missed it all... I also had to learn English. I didn't want to do for 2 years in America I didn't try to learn English. I was 7 when I moved to America. finally at 9 I gave in. I started learning but it was the most difficult thing ever! I couldn't handle it! I gave up then tried again then gave up and then tried again and I kept doing that. One day my mom got mad and when we move she “accidently" got rid of all the pictures of my dad. I was even more depressed on how much I missed his voice and how I keep forgetting what he looked like. I had to take therapy and chill from things. it happened for a long time. I was 12 years old one day when I layed in bed depressed looking up letting my Roku play random songs. At that moment I heard music I understood. Music I haven't heard since I came to America. “I Need U".....when I heard the sound of all those boys I cried... not cry but tears just started rolling down my face. I closed my eyes and imagined how much I went through in a few years. When the song was over I sat up and replayed it. I never felt so....alive in such a while. I kept listening to the song when I knew what the words meant not like I knew Korean so I knew what they saying but I could understand it. how they felt... I looked them up And saw the name “Bangstan Seoyeondan." a group with 7 boys. Jimin, Suga, V, Rap Monster, Jin, Jhope, and their youngest Jungkook. I figured out their real names and watched little videos and bangstan bombs. I smiled and laughed. something I haven't done in a while. The more I watched the happier I felt. I told myself to try. So the next day I learned English and kept at it even if it was hard. I would lay down and listen to these boys and all their songs not disliking any. they were really good. One day that year I experienced leg pain harder than ever. I was rushed to the hospital. The doctor told me I have a boldleg. He said when I was born I was tightly squished in my moms stomach and I created my leg to have a curled bone instead of a straight one. I wasn't deformed and I didn't have to look different except my walking and standing. Every time I walk it would get worse and when I stand my leg doesn't touch my other or is close it comes out. He told me I have a choice. I can have surgery and make my bone straight but be in a wheelchair for a year and do rehab to walk again or I can not do surgery and let my leg get worse. It maybe doesn't sound hard but it felt hard. He told me I have until I'm 14 to decide. Those years were tuff and I wanted to give up again until I heard voices of people who made me smile. I love those boys. They saved me many times. My brother was born two years after I was but we had different dads. And he wasn't born in korea it was this time when my dad and mom decided to break up and I was gonna stay with him. Mom already went to America for a trip and married a guy for awhile. When dad died she came back and stayed with me for a little and then we moved back to America. She loves America. she didn't know she was pregnant but she was happy. Like I said I was with my dad more. I'm 14 this year and I decided to have the surgery. I love myself better now and I have my vingle family. I met someone here and our hearts are beating together. if you know what I mean haha~ I have a hyung @TaehyungKey he hasn't been on a lot but now and then he would say I love my tokki to me. Me and my brother sorta get along but he won't admit I'm half Korean and says stop talking like that to me all the time. jeez. still love him. I still do miss my dad so so very much and I know he is looking down from heaven at me right now saying she's still the little alien I know. I was always called a alien I actually got that nickname from my dad. One day people called V an alien. I guessed I looked more into him and realized he's so much like me for Real it's crazy haha. He's my ultimate bias and bias in bts but I love all those boys. I met my unni on vingle too. She felt depressed one day and said shes leaving vingle. (that was awhile ago) I commented saying I'll miss her lots. I've seen her around vingle and I always smiled. She actually stayed though. She told me she stayed because of me~We gotten closer and I felt super comfortable with her. I called her unicorn and she called me alien. I now call her my unni unicorn and I'm still her baby sister alien. silly. I felt happy lately and I know BTS rocks so much~ Of course I was into lots of other groups too and they are so freaking cute haha but I know if I haven't heard Bts I need u that day I wouldn't be here. Thanks BTS~ @nnatalieg @taehyungkey @ninjamidori @cutebabylay @sarahdawish @sarahvandorn @sugalessjams @reyestiny93 @maelyn @thepinkprincess @jessicacosta90 @kagamine381 @moonchild03 @bibes19 @Abbyramey @jaiipanda @pretieeemm @serenitythao @superjuniorelf @bridgetjara @nykeaking @niahritaylor @keniaaxox @ewillsea @momochamie @jessicavang @msloyalheart @taehyungv @twistedpuppy @sindyhernandez @VIPFreak2nE1 @Tiffanyhall @BBxGD @kpopandkimichi @emmajolie @resavalencia
I'm glad that you feel better now. BTS touches a lot of hearts and that makes so proud. Never forget that I am here for you and that all of us Vinglers love you!!!
@resavalencia aww thank you so much
It's amazing what music can do and how it can touch us. You've truly been through a lot, and your strength is really admirable. I wish you luck with your surgery, keep us posted - your Vingle family will be praying for you and wishing you the best!! 💜
@aliendestina this makes me love you more ❤️ you've been through a lot ❤️
@EmmaJolie everyone has a story
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