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people are so damn bored with their non existent lives that they just trying to finds stupid shit to start fan wars over. Suga been wearing converse hella long
I love EXO and BTS are my 3rd favorite after SHINee. But what I really want to know is why does everyone find the need to bring EXO into BTS's comeback? Like damn guys leave EXO out of this they don't have a comeback until summer so stfu!!! Also whatever BTS does is their own self and action they aren't copying anyone so bye... Wait except V he is Baekhyun son so he has to look like his mom jk guys but seriously Koreaboo and everyone need to stop putting EXO in all that drama!
I'm just going to say this ...Bitch Bitch whine whine he did this like this guy WHO THE F..K CARES!! I'm so tired of reading they copied this group or that group IDC if they can sing it wear it good and dance it good then I'm freaking good!
only sehun can wear converse and pants? looks like im going to jail😑
So because I have the same shoes and similar pants does that mean I'm copying too? Geez......
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