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Come listen with Leader Mon!

If you follow BTS on Twitter, you know Rap Monster, V, and Jungkook like to recommend songs. I made a card of V and Jungkook's song recommendations because I couldn't find an up-to-date list of RapMon's but I kinda found one~
Main page: rapmon-music This page is a recommendation behind, I think, but still pretty great! I don't think it has links to the music though. Main page: rmusicrec -- playlist The creator of those 2 blogs mentioned in my other post said they'd finally work on RapMon's playlist so please be patient as it's currently being put together! (: If you want more RapMon, he actually did make a mixtape! ♡♡♡

Anyone know any idols who also like to share song recommendations?

I'd love to know! ^^ Comment/make a card :D


tag me in please!
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@CreeTheOtaku sure thing ^^
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