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Hey guys! So happy for this week's Waifu Wednesday :D I believe the objective was to pick your favorite color and pick your waifu(s) with that hair color? So, my favorite color is blue eue
Noel - Sora no Method She is so cute and I wanna cuddle her all day long!! I would never do things toher cuz she's so young (maybe? idk)
Sinon - Gun Gale Online She's so hot and she knows how to shoot a gun so hELLO BABE
Hatsune Miku She can sing and dance and she's so pretty :3 also, I want her outfit lol
BONUS!! Kaito - Vocaloid I know he's a boy but dAMN is he hOt ya'll just need to know that lmao That's it whoo :D
shinon is waifu
Noel to me seems to be more of a Daughter type to me since she's daughter #2 of my LOLI-PALOOZA collection, but her age is unknown but she really has the personality of a 5 year old lol
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