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We all want to feel like Cinderella on our wedding day.

Apparently, some women want to live like Cinderella on their wedding day as well. If getting married inside of a church isn't enough for you, you can get married in front of the castle where Cinderella lost her glass slipper -- for a small fee. Okay, maybe not small, but it sounded good. If watching the movie wasn't enough and you must have a fairytale wedding, be prepared to dish out some serious cash to make you and your prince charming's day everything you've dreamed of.
If you have no intentions of spending a crazy amount of money, but still happen to be curious about the cost. Hold onto your seats and brace yourself. Well, you're looking at a grand total of $75,000 [that's the minimum people] and you haven't even added in your dress or reception costs. Now as nice as it sounds, you would be foolish to spend that much on a wedding. Don't get me wrong weddings are meant to be memorable, but unless you're rolling in some serious dough -- be smart.

Would you pay $75,000 to get married in front of Cinderella's castle?

my sentiments exactly!!! @primodiva93
Heck no! Lol
well where do you think he got his oui from lol!? @jordanhamilton
omg whyyy too much. just take me there on my honeymoon but the one in Paris or Florida and I'll be good
lol thanks I think @jordanhamilton
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