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I am sure you've seen the other apparel that shouts "make American great again," which was made popular by Donald Dump. Anyway, now there's a new hat on the market and it's epic.
Jeronimo Saldaña created the hat to remind people that parts of the United States actually once belonged to Mexico. The hats are totally real and they are being sold for $25 through GoFundMe. According to Remezcla, all of the proceeds will go to Mijente, which is a platform that organizes Latinx and Chicanx social justice both online and offline.

Would you buy the hat?

And we can't forget about the Indians too. I'd walk around with one of these just to screw with people haha
in Laredo, we pretty much already are Mexico lol
@buddyesd lolll true
@Patmanmeow you're right about the Indian part!!!