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Hello! Music Executive here bringing you the latest update on 2NE1's Minzy!
About a month ago, it was said that Minzy of 2NE1 was leaving the group. Concerning her leave, she wrote a heartfelt apology on her instagram. The apology states; " Hello, this is Minzy. It is with a sincere heart that I write to you all. First, I would like to apologize to all those who expressed shock at the news of my departure.  It is after careful consideration and much deliberation that I have decided to pursue a new journey as an artist named Minzy Kong. Ever since debuting with 2NE1 at the young age of 16, I have been grateful for the wonderful memories I shared with incredible fans worldwide. These experiences were undeniably precious and I take none of them for granted. Thank you all for helping me grow as an artist. I promise to work even harder to return before you all with an improved and more honest version of myself. Through a renewed vision and hard work, I hope to reciprocate the love, dedication, and support that you have shown me.  Thank you to all the fans, family, and friends who have shown me their love and concern. I promise to return soon. love, Minzy."
Minzy's departure hurts my heart, but I will support Minzy wholeheartedly!

Minzy Fighting!

Damn it's offices then 😭😭😭 this makes me super sad but it's something that minzy seemed like she needed and I'll support her choices Minzy fighting!!!
I was so sad when she left!! I hope she'll still succeed on her own.
My heart still hurts 😭. I'll continue to support her though