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Can someone take me to Amazon Lily?? PLEASE!!!!! Spoilersβ—οΈβ—οΈβ—οΈβ—οΈβŒβŒβŒβŒ Marguerite is a finder of liffy after he appears or I should say is sent to Amazon Lily by Kuma and she ends up actually saving his life even though men are "evil" and not allowed on Their island!! She even helps wash Luffy after he eats poisonous mushrooms and becomes covered in them!! Haha She is a true 10 and awesome with her snake Bow, I'd trust her in the jungle just about anywhere!! A true beauty of one piece with the body of a perfect woman and sizes all to match!! Bodacious just scratches the surface of the blonde beauty!! One Piece is Love!! Waifu wedding please!! Anime is life!!
I never got into One Piece but I may have to watch it just for her πŸ˜‚
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@tylor619cruz it's worth it trust me
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@tylor619cruz def worth it NAKAMA!
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