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I love granola bars, but a lot of the ones from the grocery store feel like candy with some oats tossed in, and when I look at the back of the wrapper, I've consumed a whole day's worth of sugar already. Enter homemade granola bars, which I can make exactly how I want them. Recipe here.
Procrastibaking is my kind of baking to be honest.
@danidee yay! thanks, i'm glad you find them easy (: i like to mix it up with some harder/more involved recipes (i love spending hours in the kitchen), but i need to have easier ones for all the weekdays (procrastibaking is a thing sigh).
@danidee oh, i definitely get that. i always get tempted by unhealthy treats so having healthier but still satisfying snacks helps (most of the time lol).
@danidee they're really easy, and if you make a pan on the weekend, they work really well for snacks/munchies/on the go eats for the week!
This recipe looks super fast too! I should start doing this on the weekends. I feel like I already have all these ingredients at my place!
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