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Now that we have the outfits down packed, let's get to the hair. As we all know, the Met Gala theme was Manus x Machina. From the looks of the four styles seen above, who had the best hairstyle for the theme? If you're thinking what I thinking, it's pretty much a dead give away.
Celebrities from top to bottom: Jennifer Hudson (top left), Ciara (top right), Kim Kardashian (bottom left) and Lala Anthony (bottom right)

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KKar-West looks like she's sporting an 80's mullet. Even SHE can't make that look good... *gag* They're all beautiful women though.
2 years ago·Reply
LOL! @ gag, haha but yeah it does kinda look like a mullet now that I'm looking at it. I agree with you though, all beautiful ladies @JPBenedetto
2 years ago·Reply
Ciara took the cake!
2 years ago·Reply
Most definitely!!! @primodiva93
2 years ago·Reply