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They just already know! lol and B_Bomb slap tht a*** hahaha
P.O hahahahha omg
I wanna kiss too!!! Me tooo!! lol
B Bomb stawpp with yourself!!!
UKwon you kiss me anytime!! lol
They don't like a lot of skinship and they do this stuff!! like wtf guys make up your minds!!!! lol but I still love it!!!
This is so funny!!! especially P.O to Zico hahahaha
They were so cute in the second vid! lol Park kyung dance master!! lol
hahahha I laughed so much when they kissed!!! and i lughed so hard when i saw P.O's reaction in the second vid!! hahahaha omg and Zico like died on the floor!! lol
Omg I died at temptation of wolf hahahahaha B Bomb!!!
That's all for now!!! I hope you guys enjoyed it!! Let me Know if you guys enjoy this stuff and you want me to do more of these kind of cards!!! Love you guys!!! Let me know if you guys want me to tag any of you in my future cards and I will!