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Shin WonHo Wednesday!!!!
Finally my bias's very own day! Credit to owners.
Gorgeous as Dracula, is he not? You can watch the show this is from here
I know I repeat myself. But I love Shinkitty so much. He is adorable.
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@Tigerlily84 Hah true true!! I WILL PRAY FOR YOUUU
a year ago·Reply
@Tigerlily84 haha if you need any photos let me know. I have puhlenty
a year ago·Reply
*jaw drops* I thought he looked like a gorgeous prince before I read he was dracula!
a year ago·Reply
yas the bias wrecker to my bias wrecker, twice changed lanes and back at it. 😣
a year ago·Reply
@Tigerlily84 omgggg my poor heart can't take it, but I still can't wait!
a year ago·Reply