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While baths are much more relaxing, I prefer a shower.

Sitting in water is fun, but I can do that at the beach. I much rather hop in the shower, let the beads of water beat down on me, get in and get out.
It's pretty simple and maybe it's just me, but a shower definitely knows how to wake me up if I'm having a super early morning rise.
Although showers can be both more appealing and time efficient to some, there's more to showers than we know -- and the facts are rather disturbing.
If you've taken your shower for the day, you might want to hop back in after checking out this rather nasty, yet accurate Buzzfeed video on showers below.

Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

Did the video make you change your mind?
Def have to clean my showered more often .
i shower. i love sitting under the water and letting it fall on me
@petname83 and I agree, auto correct sucks lol
relax....from the stress of have to constantly correct my auto-correct.
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