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I've just watched 2NE1's new MV, "Falling in Love" and I couldn't stop replaying this song ever since!!! Such a catchy summer tune! I love seeing them looking all pretty n girly for a change as well ♥ !
@beeonka - IKR! Quite new, only been a year or two. Initially my bias visually was Bom then Dara. But Bom has such an amazing voice when she sings <3! I also love CL's cool charisma on stage and cute agyeo off camera. CL has become prettier and prettier lately. N so is Minzy! She's so talented in dancing and look so cool when she dances for such a young girl. Lately, her voice has become more and more mature, especially in this MV. Bom is normally my vocal favourite but Minzi's voice is just so <3 in this MV. Basically, I'm bias-less blackjack atm lol.
@SnowDrop lol yeah its hard not to fall in love with 2NE1 for sure! :DD Are you a new fan or longtime fan?
@beeonka - sorry about the delayed msg, I haven't checked my vingle for a while. Yh, blonde hair really suits Dara ^_^! Love the contacts, all the accessories and outfits look AMAZING :D!!! I'm a girl but I'm falling in love with them after this MV !
@SnowDrop yeah I also like her contacts and Dara's blonde hair ^^ how about you?
@beeonka - I prefer her long thick hair too :) ! But I prefer this side fringe of hers better than middle fringe ^^!
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