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Our lovely baby faced Luhan may possibly be banned from Taiwan.!!! He went to Taiwan to film the Chinese adaptation of "Back to school" on a tourist visa card. That means that he's not allowed to work, he needs a work type visa to be able to work their. But since he filmed their he may be banned from Taiwan for 5 years.
The above is a video of the press conference for the show. He will be able to go back in 2 yrs for work related jobs only and this did not only include Luhan but also 8 others who filmed the show with him. Hopefully this doesn't effect him in a huge way. Fighting Luhan!!!!!
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I wonder what he thinks of this. This is the first I have heard of him being banned from somewhere
@ZitaMahoney >.> I was talking to no one in particular so ye.
@Sukii good for you "lol"
@ZitaMahoney It was sarcasm lol.
@Sukii the border/ visa people have to do that.
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