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Hey Nakama!

I love me a good, quality AMV from time to time. I really love seeing people work their editing magic to line up the perfect song with a collection of scenes from whatever anime they choose. However, the nature of the beast means that anybody is able to try their hand at creating these AMVs, and some people are just... less talented than others.
So I pose this question:

What's the WORST AMV you've ever seen?

Make a card featuring said AMV!

Here's my pick. It's a mashup of the song 'Up There' from the South Park Movie and scenes from High School of the Dead, all in tribute to Mr. Shido, one of the weirder characters in the anime.
I just find the whole thing weird. The choice in song, the salute to Shido in general... idk.
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The worst I've seen is a One Piece Impel Down arc with the song Disturbia... as much as I like the song, and its my favorite One Piece arc, but they didn't match up at all... it seemed like such a waste.