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I found this on IG, I am so sad!!!! I know this is something I should support, but I can't help to feel sad as I think about it. I mean, I love 2NE1 and I really do hate the fact that she is leaving, I mean, 2NE1 isn't even a group anymore. I will support Minzy, but I wouldn't support her, if that makes any sense. I mean, I will never be able to keep watching her on things without thinking about 2NE1. I just wish they could be a group again. But I don't think that will be happening. Now there is only two members of 2NE1 in 2NE1, but I know that wouldn't last for long....I doubt they'd make music anymore, only with two members left. So anyways, I hope that CL and Dara stay in the group, but I know everyone is leaving. It is sad. So to the members that have already left, Can You Come Back Home?
(Most of those songs are how I feel right now, making this tbh)
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Same 😭😭😭💔
@TaehyungV No your lying! BOM LEFT!
@twistedPuppy What do you mean??? That's what I said.
@TaehyungV I'm ask lol it can't be.. 😢
@twistedPuppy Oh! 😅😅 Oh, yeah...You could say she left, but she really didn't renew a contact with YG, so she isn't really with 2NE1 anymore. Sad, I know...She was my second favorite! 😭😭😭😭