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Christina Stephens, a 31-year-old amputee from St. Louis created an almost-functional prosthetic leg out of her collection of Lego pieces. The creation was spurred on because a coworker of Stephens made a mocking joke about her condition and suggested she make a leg out of Legos.
Stephens wouldn't let that person have the last laugh, and so created one. The leg wasn't able to function fully, though I think there's always a possibility. Maybe if she'd sealed the bricks with crazy glue? Or if she kept the 'foot' as wide as the 'base'?
I don't know if it'd work that way, but this does open up an interesting avenue of thought, of finding ways to home-make prosthetics for those who may not otherwise have access?
Either way, it's pretty badass. Kudos to Ms. Stephens.