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Bling Bling Wednesday!
Hello Lovelies! It's yours truly with another Bling Bling Wednesday! Today theme will be Jonghyun smile! On with the show!
Look at that smile it's so precious! And those lips mmmm nice an plump! Taemin: Aish! Stef! Me: I'm sorry I'm just doing my duty. Taemin: *pulls me tight and leans down lips hovering over mine* Aren't my lips plump enough for you? *bites his lips* Me: Yes *dies* (I knew I'll kill myself eventually with these scenarios xD)
*is still dead* Taemin: Well since you died I guess I'll move on to a new girl. Me: *instantly revives* Oh no your mine! Taemin: I knew that will revive you. Me: Evil Maknae hehe
that smile is contagious
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He does have a gorgeous smile
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He is such a blessing.
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umm all I think about are white pants 馃槒
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yass este papi chulo...sorry lol had to express my feels in Spanish
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