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Poison: A Markson Fanfic Preview
Okay, so I'm going to start another series/book so if you want to be tagged let me know. I'll try to update this one as much as possible along with my other one, so I don't know when the first chapter will come out.
Here is the preview!!
Mark is on a downward spiral. After major events happening in his life, Mark feels like he has no one in his corner and slips into a world that doesn't even care about him. The only person he feels like cares is his best friend and big time crush, Jackson.
Jackson has always been there for Mark. He helped him through his lows and encouraged him through his highs. Jackson always smiled around Mark, but deep down, Jackson was hurting, real bad. Mark has always been the person that let Jackson be himself. He cares about Mark, but when he realizes that his feelings towards Mark are growing, he doesn't know what to think or do anymore.
Okay, so I suck at making previews but I hope this suffices.
Again, If you want to be tagged in this story let me know.
Thanks for Reading!!!
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can't wait to read the full story.
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I can't wait to read it
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Tag me
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Good luck in your fanfic!!! I bet that it'll be awesome!!
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