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The next day on the set you show Moonie your designs, how they are set up and where any of the extra props are. When the director walks in, you walk over to mention that you will only be there for part of the day; that the clothing designer is more than capable of stepping in for you if a problem arises. As long as there is someone there to handle a problem, he doesn’t really seem to care.
Before Jak arrived this morning you’d already received a text.
MJA: Good Morning Beautiful.
After his last text the night before you’d caved and started responding back.
YOU: It was a great night and day. What happened afterward?
MJA: I messed up? I spoke before I thought.
YOU: When that happens aren’t those your real thoughts?
MJA: My thoughts are a mess where you’re concerned. I don’t know if I’m coming or going.
YOU: What do you want from me?
MJA: You.
YOU: A make-out buddy me?
MJA: No. All of you but can you accept me for who I am?
YOU: I really like you Kyungil but I don’t want to live my life being insulted or having misunderstandings.
MJA: I don’t try to insult you, I’m sorry it comes out wrong.
YOU: Can you trust me by telling me your real thoughts about me?
MJA: Can we start over?
MJA: Dinner tomorrow?
Right now you have an appointment with Jang Ho Rim’s company. This meeting has multiple purposes; 1. to get you representation here in Korea 2. to give you another job since this one is over at week’s end and 3. it is supposed to help you get out of Kyungil’s sight sooner. Even though you two have plans for later tonight, he still insists he can’t work with you. Therefore, number three is important if you’re going to try and make this relationship work.
Your phone buzzes while you’re in your interview. Everything is going extremely well; they are impressed with your portfolio and the fact that you got a job within the first week of being in South Korea. Within an hour you’ve been hired and are on your way down to HR to fill out paperwork. After you’ve been given all your paperwork, shown a place to sit and fill it out, you open your phone to respond.
MJA: Where are you? I didn’t see you on the set this morning.
MJA: You didn’t change your mind already did you?
No, no backtracking with this man again! You quickly send a text to reassure him.
YOU: Sorry, I was in a meeting. An interview actually, I got the job! Can we celebrate tonight?
MJA: Job interview? Did something happen here?
YOU: That job stops at the end of the week, I need something permanent.
MJA: Ah. Nice. When do you start?
YOU: I guess tomorrow, I’m at HR right now filling out the paperwork. How was the set, did anything happen?
MJA: No but I’m sure you left someone to cover? Wait. Tomorrow? You won’t be on the set anymore?
YOU: Isn’t that what you wanted? You said you couldn’t work with me, one of the reasons I came for this interview.
MJA: So you won’t be on the set anymore.
YOU: Kyungil you aren’t making sense again.
MJA: I was figuring it out, how to work with you here. I liked it.
You close your eyes in exasperation. This is what miscommunication does; plans get changed, lives rearranged all because one person feels they can’t trust you with their real self and feelings. You think a minute, what is it Jak said they like to be called? It’s worth a try.
YOU: Oppa. Tell me what you really meant when you said you couldn’t work with me.
You fill out another two more papers while you wait for his reply. You know that he’s still filming so it doesn’t bother you that it isn’t instant.
MJA: I couldn’t work with you here, you distract me. That first day I was more focused on how you were feeling, new job, I knew it was important to you. I wasn’t focusing on what I had to do; I just wanted to be over with you. It was a new feeling, I wasn’t sure I liked it.
And now you are a puddle.
At first I was like one of his members is translating his feelings into text form for him because he just can't and then yeah the puddle
I'm older, but I'll call him oppa if he wants. So glad he's finally sharing his real thoughts. 💜
oh gosh dies. i love how he caved after. i wish i could call him oppa. but im older then him 😢😢😢😢😢
Pulled the Oppa card! lmao! Hey seems to work...go with it!!
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