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Are you an older person? And by older person I mean are you old enough to remember that Nintendo 64 was an actual thing and not a thing you played because you have this "new video games are lame, I miss the good old days" hipster attitude?
If you said yes to any of these questions then you'll remember Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Which put you in the shoes of Dash Rendar (yep, that's his real name) who essentially was a cooler Han Solo with a robot partner who had a name that was alphanumeric probably...
Listen, I didn't have an N64 growing up but I do remember tryign to play this game and how hard it was to control everything. Although it was cool to fly a snowspeeder around and trip up those tall walky guys.
Anyway, in honor of today, Star Wars day. I wanted to let you know that you could experience a game that took place between Empire and Return of the Jedi that was originally on N64. The game is a little dated, so maybe you won't enjoy it as much as you would if you were someone who played it when it was new. But it's only 5 bucks on GOG.
And if you got some extra cash, why not pick this game up?
or are cats still just not good with trees and that's why we need them
do we even need firefighters anymore? like aren't most buildings built flame-proof now
most stations are 100% volunteer the only stations that have career firefighters are those in the cities or areas were there are a high amount of fires
in the area I live in this year I have fought 12 house fires and 3 car fires and I don't even now how many car crashes I've been to this year
@comilikoh houses and buildings can still catch on fire like maybe a wire in side the wall catches the insulation on fire sprinkler system can't reach that right away it would burn through first and the flames would be too strong to be put by a simple sprinkler it happens all the time and yes cats still get stuck in trees lol
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