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Hello Vixxens! It's another installment of Hongbean Wednesday! Today's theme is sexy Hongbin! On with the card!
Look at this man he's so darn sexy. Me:*pokes his dimples* HB: Stef what are you doing? Me: Seeing how deep your dimples go. HB: Why? Me: Cause they are like the cutest dimples ever.
Those abs omo Me:*stares and drools* HB: Like what you see? *smirks* Me:*nods* HB: *grabs a napkin and wipes the drool* Beautiful your drooling again. Me:*blush* I can't help it HB:*leans forward and whispers in my ear* You can always touch. Me: *faints*
*blushes and hides face*
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ιт ιѕ нσт ιи нєяє...ѕσмєвσ∂у ¢σσℓ мє ∂σωи!!!!😏
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This man kills me 😍😍
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I love those little interactions between you and the subject... you're so creative and cute. loved the card!! BINNIE IS SO FIIINE !
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OMG!!! The abs!! That body!!! Those arms!!! Swooning here 😍😍
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