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Hello everyone it's Stef here and I came up with a new game or challenge. The Rankings! This game is based off personal opinions. Each week I will pick a group I will put my rankings up first. The ranks will be based off. Rap, Vocals, Looks, Dance and Humor. Make a card on your rankings. Like I said these are personal opinion so no arguing and fight cause someone's is different. Note everyone has there own taste. Rules are simple: No fighting these are based on personal opinions. The group of the week. Each day you would put your rank based on the subject. Foe example: First one will be Rap. Don't choose cause the person is your bias chose cause of the skill and flow of the rap. If you still.dont understand that's OK I will make my card first so you can see what I mean. The challenge will start next week on Monday. I will.make my card Sunday working Monday but Monday everyone else starts. Ok enough talk I know your ready for the group that will be next week. Group that will Start off the Challenge is...


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Tag me please
Can you please tag me?
i can't rank bts there my all favorite
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