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Title: Under Your Skin Chapter: 4/?? Genre: angst/drama/fantasy Rating: PG14-NC17
Kyungsoo stared at her, brows knitted and mouth slightly agape, confusion clearly settled onto his face. “Home..?” A slight panic stirred inside her, eyes skimming back and forth over the area and feet moving backwards. Kyungsoo wanted to run a hand over her hair, to calm her down, but by the time he raised his hand she had begun running, running away from the clearing and back into the forest. He wanted to chase after her, but a growl threatened to break his neck if he so much as moved from that spot. A whimper caught in his throat and he turned around. Why did she run? His heart sank further and further into his stomach the longer he had to stand there and wait. The moon rose higher and more packs entered the clearing, but his mind was only focused on Yena. He couldn’t smell her anymore due to the scent of all the other wolves, some too young and some in heat, and he just wanted to run, run away and find Yena and make sure she was okay. A sudden rush of his wolf knocked the wind out of him and he doubled over, clutching and scratching at his chest as if air wouldn’t cooperate with him. But he was breathing; well aware of his breath and his heart almost beating out of his chest. This feeling was overwhelming, unlike anything he ever experienced and he was scared. Scared that his fragile body wouldn’t be able to handle it, scared that something was wrong with him. Scared that he had found them. His panting caught the attention of others around him, and some of them kicked him for being a nuisance, but they knew what he was going through, knew what was happening to him. They were jealous. His breathing became laboured and his heart calmed, allowing him to be able to stand properly again. As he did his lungs filled with a scent sweeter than he had ever smelled, and it overwhelmed him. His gaze browsed about the clearing and his eyes locked onto one of the strong looking males from his leader’s group. He realized the male had been watching him the whole time, watching as his scent washed over Kyungsoo and marked him as his. He smirked for a quick second before idly conversing with the smaller male beside him. Kyungsoo was confused; was this the feeling of a potential mate? Was his body just overwhelmed by the male’s scent? He was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t realize all the leaders had arrived until a howl cut through the air and filled the clearing with silence after. A tall, well-built alpha walked forward on the hilltop, beckoning for the attention of all the wolves that surrounded him. “My brethren! Brothers and sisters alike, tonight's the night destinies change and fates intertwine. Some of you might stay in the same pattern you already have, but rest assured that you will eventually find your mate. With this, let all of those who have come today find and mark their mate, for you have waited for this moment patiently and deserve this opportunity.” With that, more than half of the wolves in the clearing dispersed, running around like headless chickens to get to their mate. Kyungsoo stood stiff, observing all that was happening before his eyes landed on the male from earlier, walking over to Kyungsoo like he had all the time in the world. The wide eyed male held his breath, feeling like everything else slowly disappeared the closer he got. The male was tall and lean, golden skin dulled in the darkness of the night, and dark eyes sharp and bright. It felt like time slowed, the male finally standing before him, soft brown hair hanging in his eyes as they scanned Kyungsoo. “Hey,” his voice sounded like the song of birds that Kyungsoo used to lull himself to sleep with when he was a pup. “H-hi,” Kyungsoo’s voice cracked, flustered under the intensity of what felt like a million stares aimed in his direction. The other chuckled, light and airy, and pulled his hands out of the pockets of his over-worn jeans. Kyungsoo subconsciously thought his appearance must’ve been horrid; a worn down, ragged shirt covered his small body, and an oversized pair of trousers clung to his hips and fastened tightly by a piece of string. The raven haired wanted to shrink in in on himself, to disappear because, god he’s hot and I’m not, and the giant clothes on him made him look bigger than what he really was, body mass wise. “My name is Jongin,” the other broke Kyungsoo’s train of thought, bringing attention back to the situation at hand. Kyungsoo repeated the name in his mind several times before letting a small smile settle on his lips. “I’m Kyungsoo,” he replied, and Jongin’s face lit up, repeating his name out loud several times and Kyungsoo loved the way it rolled off of the taller’s tongue. Jongin reached a hand out and delicately grabbed Kyungsoo’s wrist, as if he knew how fragile Kyungsoo really was, and tugged him closer. There was a slight pause, Jongin taking a long drag of breath before staring curiously into the raven haired’s wide brown eyes. “Who is she?” He cocked his head slightly, blinking at Kyungsoo and waiting for a reply. He was confused at first; did he mean Yena? But he realized that with as much time as he spent with her, of course they’d both be drenched in each other’s scent. Again his thoughts trailed back to her, worried that she might’ve run back to the camp, to where she didn’t belong. He tried shaking the thoughts from his head, or at least push them back so he could focus on what was happening in front of him instead. “She’s.. an old friend of mine. We grew up together.” Jongin mouthed an “ah” before tugging on his wrist again, pulling towards where the rest of his pack stood. Kyungsoo’s heart was ready to beat out of his chest; the nervousness of getting close to the alpha pack was intimidating. Jongin could probably smell his nerves right now and chose to ignore it. It seemed a bit cocky in Kyungsoo’s perspective for the alpha pack not to move a muscle and let whatever mates they had come to them. At least Jongin was considerate enough to go to him. There was a group within the pack that stood together, and Kyungsoo noticed it was the group that stood around Jongin when he was watching them earlier. The taller man stopped in front of them with a wide grin. “I finally found him,” he sang. The smaller one that he was talking to earlier rose his brows well past his fringe and clapped half-heartedly. “Congrats, man.” “Baekhyun stop being a prick to your brother,” another smaller one at the side retorted. “We aren’t even related, Junmyeon,” Baekhyun sighed, patting a delicate hand onto Jongin’s shoulder. “No but I did take you all in and raised you, did I not?” Junmyeon shot a glare at Baekhyun. “Are you kidding? We’re all around the same age!” “Baekhyun I will get Yifan to throw your ass into the river if you don’t shut your word hole.” Baekhyun huffed and walked toward another taller man, flailing his small arms as if he’d been attacked. The taller man smiled goofily, a smile that seemed like it would break his face, and ears that Kyungsoo thought he could use to fly. This group was odd, but not in a bad way. Even though their attention wasn’t on him like he thought it would be, at least they weren’t belittling and humiliating him, so it was a start. “Don’t mind them,” Jongin brought Kyungsoo’s attention back to him. “They’re great company. You’ll get used to them, and they’ll treat you well. Just give them time to adjust to your scent.” Kyungsoo nodded, watching all of their exchanges and forgetting Jongin’s hand was carefully wrapped around his wrist, forgetting the fact that he can finally leave that wretched pack. Forgetting that Yena wouldn’t be with him. The ceremony was coming close to the end; mates found, singles quietly walking away and making their way back home, others going to their new homes, and even though it was all new to him, Kyungsoo honestly liked the fact that he was marked and grew used to Jongin’s presence. Baekhyun was the first one to start talking to him, despite Kyungsoo awkwardly answering back with only a few words, and grew fond of him. It wasn’t until it was time for their trek back to their camp when Kyungsoo finally remembered what was missing. He stopped in his tracks, utterly confused as to how in the world he could forget her after all this time and began to panic. “Kyungsoo, what’s wrong?” Jongin ran his hands over the smaller’s arms to comfort him. “I need to go back, Jongin. I won’t be long I just need-” The brunette gave him a harsh stare. “You can’t. Once you’re claimed you’re not welcome back to your old pack. Whatever you’ve forgotten can’t be returned to you.” “But it’s not a thing, Jongin,” Kyungsoo was basically whining, wanting to run and find Yena to make sure she was okay. Jongin only sighed, shaking his head and tugging on Kyungsoo’s arm, pulling him away from the clearing to catch up with the rest of the pack. A whimper escaped his lips as he looked back toward the direction she ran off too, hoping to whatever greater power was out there that she was safe. The path to his new camp was odd and unfamiliar, with trees he had never smelled before and scent markers from wolves he had never met, and he held onto Jongin’s arm the whole time to make sure he didn’t get lost while staring at everything. He almost tripped a few times trying to get familiar with the path, which caused Jongin to latch onto his arm so Kyungsoo’s small frame doesn’t disappear into the undergrowth. It took about two hours and a lot of Kyungsoo’s patience to finally get to his new camp, and the sight of it froze him in his tracks. Shacks were built specifically for each group in the pack; one for the mothers and their pups, one for the elders of the pack, one for all of the warriors, and one just for the alpha himself. The camp was definitely worthy of being the den of a leader. All the different scents overwhelmed him, but the feeling was nice and cozy, settling into the depths of his chest and spreading out through his lungs. “I’ll show you everything in the morning, right now you must be tired.” Jongin wrapped an arm around the smaller’s shoulders, guiding him over to the commons den and leading him up to his own room. “Alpha says we have to get used to acting like humans if we’re going to coexist with them, so we have our own rooms and beds and such,” Jongin noted, watching as Kyungsoo stared at the bed and poked it with curious fingers. Not once in his life had he ever slept on a bed, so when Jongin pushed him down onto it, Kyungsoo felt like he was laying on clouds. Jongin laughed, crawling onto the piece of furniture next to the raven haired and wrapping his arms around him. Kyungsoo had never felt so comfortable in his life, burying his face into the younger’s chest and breathing in a scent he will definitely love waking up to every day. Though that isn’t guaranteed. Even if they are destined to be mates, the ceremony isn’t complete until the alpha of the foreign mate’s new pack accepts them into the pack. There have been times Kyungsoo had witnessed mates running off, fighting the alpha or killing themselves because his old alpha hardly accepted them. A thought lingered in his head, something he felt he should know, but his eyes betrayed him as their lids felt heavy, slowly closing and drifting off to the scent and labored breathing of his new mate.


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